What is your part in the development process of our breastfeeding fashion ?

What is your part in the development process of our breastfeeding fashion ?

When speaking of breastfeeding clothes, their first first purpose is its functionality which allows you to open it in only a few seconds to feed your baby. We all agree.

For the breastfeeding of my first child, I have tried breastfeeding clothes with classic clip openings and overlaying fabrics. Indeed, they were functional. However, I didn’t want to reproduce this kind of concept in the MOTHERWOOD products.

For two reasons :

  1. The construction of the breastfeeding clothes as we have known them for years or even decades, are not esthetic. They are easily identifiable as breastfeeding clothes and and this doesn’t make us want to wear them for breastfeeding or afterwards.
  2. The classic openings are made for exposing our entire breast and don’t allow us to preserve our intimacy.
  3. They are not comfortable. Very often, bands or layers are added here and there and this changes the shape of the garment, especially when the breasts take more volume for breastfeeding. They are definitely not valuing our body as a woman.

So which openings should we choose ? I have surveyed many of you because, in the end, only your opinion counts! So finally, I have chosen zipper openings. Why?

These are your main reasons :

  1. They are very discrete and make the product wearable for a long time, even after weaning.
  2. They open and close easily, contrary to other openings such as snap buttons. Especially when you hold your baby in one arm and need to open/close the clothes with one hand !
  3. They are easy to care for and don’t pose a danger for the mother, the pregnant woman and the baby like this could be the case for magnetic clasps.
  4. The clothes keep their shape after multiple openings, especially when the product is out of jersey.
  5. And above all : zippers are solid and last in time. Why not keep the clothes for your next breastfeeding projects ?

The discrete openings are placed at the breast so that you can easily access to your breast without compromising on your and your baby’s comfort.

With our products, we accomplish the criteria of your ideal breastfeeding apparel :

  • Functional
  • Easy to open and to close
  • Comfortable
  • Sustainable
  • And esthetic !

This time, you made the choice of the openings. What's next? Make sure that you are subscribed to our newsletter to receive updates for our future developments. I can't wait to read all your feedback! Want to know more about our co-creation? Check out the journal article "What is a crowdfunding campaign and what is your important role in this campaign?" !