Why create a sustainable brand for breastfeeding ?

Why create a sustainable brand for breastfeeding ?

You often ask me why I have made the choice to develop MOTHERWOOD as a sustainable breastfeeding brand. My answer to this question is : Why not ?

How to define a sustainable or slow fashion brand ?

According to the UNO, « a sustainable brand is a brand whose mission and reason for existence is to bring a sustainable environmental, human and social benefit to all of its stakeholders : consumers, employees, suppliers and partners, on its entire value chain and on the entire life-cycle of its products. »

Contrary to « sustainable fashion » a « sustainable brand » goes further and is defined by one or more engagements of sustainable development determined by the UNO :

  • responsible consumption and production of products which last in time
  • good health and well-being of all
  • decent work and economic growth
  • and gender equality, amongst others.

It is well know that the textile industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world, right after petrochemistry. Not very sexy, hein ? Ideally, we shouldn’t produce any new clothes. Yet, the fashion industry has educated us for years to follow trends. The biggest brands push us to consume thoughout the year. They launch 20 collections or more every year with a catalogue of thousands of products. My question is : Do we really need that ? I don’t think so.

My work in the fashion industry has shown me that it is important to produce less but better and make clothes last in time. I have known warehouses filled with products that nobody wanted, without even talking about all the problems linked to transportation when they have been produced on the other side of the world. The only answer to this sad reality was : destock and sale to make some space for the next arriving collections. Yet, it the demand should create the supply and not the other way round. Not in slow fashion.

When I have started to develop my idea, it clicked in me as for the choice of our suppliers, the country of production and raw materials. We could easily say that we produce all our clothes with organic cotton and that everything is perfectly fine. But this is not the case. Certainly, the production of organic cotton needs by far less water than conventional cotton and it is cultivated without pesticides, insecticides and chemical products. These are advantages pour the environment and humans, sure.

Instead, the problem is that the demand for organic cotton has increased tremendously over the last few years so that its culture is prioritized over other cultures with all the harmful consequences this may cause. The key is « diversification » because if we diversify the raw materials as much as possible, if we relocate cultures to Europe, perhaps even to France (good example in progress : linen), we do a real act of caring for the environment and the humans.

Regarding the country of production, I have made the choice to produce our products in Europe. This allows us to reduce the distance between our warehouse in France and the manufacturing place and, accordingly, the environmental impact caused by transportation. Our products are all shipped by track and not by plane or boat. This also makes our supplier visits and quality controls more easy.

I don’t want to sound like an activist. Because, honestly, I am not perfect at all in my personal life and there are still so many things to improve in order to reduce our waste and environmental impact in everyday life. It is not always easy ! Especially because it takes time to break down and invert an educational and societal system. It is just that the development of this fashion brand wasn’t supposed to increase the harm. Because today we know too much about the fashion industry and its conventional practices that we, as a young brand, cannot allow ourselves to not consider the environment. Otherwise, maybe unconsciously, this would mean that we we have already given up the world we are living in. I deeply hope that my children may have as many unforgettable moments as we have had and still will have by living with nature and not against.

Our commitments

  • Responsible consumption and production of products which last in time,
  • good health and well-being of all,
  • decent work and economic growth and
  • gender equality.

These engagements, and above all their strong correlation, define the reason of existence of my brand MOTHERWOOD. It is my absolute priority to support breastfeeding mothers in their research of well-being and good health. Because as we already know : If the mother is relaxed and happy, the baby will be, too !

By ensuring the well-being of my future employees, by working with suppliers who share the same values and by using responsible raw materials for production and packaging, we will accomplish this final goal !

At the end, the choice is yours !