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Crowdfunding campaign has ended with success

Our crowdfunding campaign has ended on 26th November 2021 with over 100% of the final goal. A huge thank you to all contributors and all people who have shared the project! Together, we write the story of MOTHERWOOD.

The brand

Breastfeeding without compromising on style, serenity & respect

The beginning of mum life after birth can be very upside down. As a mother, we need support of our partner, our family, our friends and, overall, of professionals. Midwifes, pediatricians, gynecologists and lactation consultants help us in order to encourage breastfeeding. This support gives us the motivation and the necessary space to find our place and our rhythm in our breastfeeding project. Today, we know that breast milk is best for our baby. However, this is not easy!

Did you, like me, encounter one of these situations already?

Are you having difficulties in finding clothes that both make breastfeeding easier and take into account your life as a woman ?

Breastfeeding is natural but not innate. You feel alone to get through this tough period of setting up breastfeeding ?

Do you have the impression that you are less accepted in society and that you feel held back in your social life ?

At MOTHERWOOD, our philosophy is "Relaxed mother = Happy baby". We have created sustainable and eco-friendly clothes which facilitate breastfeeding.
And it's more than that: We support breastfeeding mothers and provide them all the necessary keys for their mental and physical health. We encourage breastfeeding and wish to see breastfeeding multiplying in our society – without compromise.

Our products

... and their source of inspiration. Available soon!


MOHERWOOD product lines are imagined chic casual lifestyle, clean, modern and timeless. The products are inspired by the French classic, the preppy style of the American East coast with its prestigious universities and a touch of the Hamptons and Cape Cod.


All products are imagined to facilitate breastfeeding, i.e. with openings on each side of the breast which are easily accessible and discrete at the same time. You might well wear them before, during and after your breastfeeding.
The first launched products are pullovers and t-shirts. Further products such as dresses and shirts are recently in progress.

Innovative & sustainable fabrics

Facing the environmental issues of fashion industry, we have made the choice to produce our clothes eco-friendly and sustainably, in order to last over time, while respecting the wellbeing and health of all stakeholders.
The choice of our suppliers has followed crucial requirements such as certifications as well as societal, environmental values and human values, and caring.

Our first collection

100% Slow Fashion for Breastfeeding without compromise.

Knit Pullover
"Sea Breeze" Navy

The great classic à la française revisited with a touch of preppy style of the American East coast.

100% Organic cotton certified GOTS
White stripes
Slightly oversize
Funnel neck
Fishermans rib
Available sizes : XS - XXL

Long-sleeve T-shirt

The lounge spirit of this loose-fit long-sleeve t-shirt makes us want to combine it with a jogger pant for a sporty style or with a straight jeans, a jacket and golden jewellery.

100% Tencel™ Lyocell
2 Colors : Olive Branch or Dusty Pink
Bat sleeves
Seam finish in the middle of the back
Round neck with edge coast
Available sizes : XS - XXL

"I am enough"

For cocooning winter moments.

Fleece 67% Tencel™, 33% Organic cotton GOTS
1 color : Off-white
Oversize, Bat sleeves
"I am enough" embroidery on the left breast
MTHRWOOD print on the back (eco-friendly
printing technology)
Brushed fleece lining for more softness
Neck & sleeves finish with edge coast
Available sizes : XS - XXL

Knit Pullover
"Sea Breeze" White

The French touch for breastfeeding. The knit pullover can easily be combined with a jeans, a skirt or even a jogger pants.

100% Organic cotton certified GOTS
Navy stripes
Slightly oversize
Funnel neck
Fishermans rib
Available sizes : XS - XXL

Short-sleeve T-shirt

Trend color for this autumn/winter, this t-shirt in Olive Branch can be easily combined with a black leather jacket for the glam rock look or simply with a light colored cardigan for the cocooning spirit.

100% Tencel Lyocell
2 Colors : Olive Branch or White
V neck with edge coast for a sporty look
Classic slightly flared sleeves for the glam look
Available sizes : XS - XXL

Our commitments

for breastfeeding without compromise

Supporting breastfeeding mothers

Our clothes are designed to facilitate breastfeeding so that the mother can completely concentrate herself on her baby, in a comfortable and serene way, without compromising on her style.

Eco-friendly & transparent

Our products meet luxurious criteria. We focus on quality and eco-friendly fabrics which last over time and withstand several breastfeeding projects. Our expenses are essential and our prices are fair, all over the year.

Made in France & Europe

All of our products are designed in France and produced in France and Europe (Portugal, Turkey and Italy). We are proud to work with sustainable business partners who share our values: human respect, environmental compliance and family !

Our values


Working for the well-being of breastfeeding mothers is the brand's purpose.


Breastfeeding does not mean that we need to stay at home in our pyjamas or underwear in order to be comfortable and serene in our project. Our products enable everyone to keep the personal style and to regain a fulfilled social life.


By creating breastfeeding-friendly apparel and by supporting mothers in their breastfeeding project, we provide them all necessary keys for regaining serenity in this new chapter of her life.


We see ourselves as an additional pillar in the support of breastfeeding mothers. Together, we can create a strong and sustainable sharing community to support one another in this adventure called motherhood.


Respect for each one's choices, environmental and human compliance as well as respect for the energies of life are the brand's DNA.

About us

At the beginning, there was a birth...

Patricia Messinger-Brunot, Founder

I am mum of 2 kids, and something has just clicked inside of me after giving birth to my daughter in 2020. I have worked for 5 years in the wellness hotel industry and for 7 years in the fashion industry for two French established brands. Today, I open a new chapter of my life.
Passionate about "Slow Fashion" and sustainability, I commit myself to a normalization of breastfeeding in our society by creating the brand MOTHERWOOD.
The wellbeing of mothers and their support in their breastfeeding project is very near and dear to my heart.

I have breastfed my two children for a different period of time. However, I have never felt well and at ease when it came to breastfeeding in the presence of our family, our friends or in public, in default of clothes which match with my style and which are appropriate for breastfeeding.

Patricia Messinger-Brunot - Founder


When will the brand be launched?

The brand has been launched in a crowdfunding campaign end of October in order to finance its first collection. It has ended successfully with over 100% on 26th November 2021.
The e-shop is currently in progress and will be available by 15th December 2021.

What is a crowdfunding campaign and how does it work?

A crowdfunding campaign is a way of financing a project democratically. Ulule, KissKissBankBank or Kickstarter are the most popular platforms. The project holder defines a goal in % (either in sold products or in €), and a timeline (upto 40 days).
The goal has to be achieved min. a 100% in order to get the funds. If it has not been achieved a 100% within the defined timeline, le project is cancelled and all funds are reimbursed to the contributors. That's why it is important to talk about the project and make people talk about it as much as you can (on social media, to your families, your friends, your colleagues, your neighbor, ...) before the campaign ends.

To which countries do you ship?

We ship from France to all countries in the world.

Can I wear your products during pregnancy?

Our products are not designed for pregnant women. Nevertheless, they have been thought for the body shape of women who gave birth, with a slightly loose fitting and flexible fabrics. They are very confortable to wear and enhance your body.

Where are the MOTHERWOOD products made?

A small part of our products is made in France and the main part in Europe (Portugal, Italy and Turkey). The raw materials mainly come from Europe.
Since the beginning of the brand, the choice of suppliers has been a real challenge as I have defined crucial selection criteria such as certifications, societal values, environmental and human compliance and caring. In the end, I know that it is worth it as I have done this for YOU!

What does the brand name MOTHERWOOD mean?

The name MOTHERWOOD stands for maternity and nature which are an essential part of the brand's DNA. Our clothes are, above all, very handy in order to make your breastfeeding adventure as comfortable as possible, thanks to openings which facilitate the access to your breast. Besides, I am convinced that it is possible to create clothes which are stylish, comfortable AND sustainable at the same time. Yes, you read it right! It is possible to breastfeed without compromising on your style, your confort and the planet!

I am looking for a particular breastfeeding garment, without success. Can I share it with you?

After the first product launches at the time of the crowdfunding campaign, we will work on further products. They will be developed for you and with you in the idea of a co-creation. So subscribe to our newsletter for more information and don't hesitate to send us your desires and ideas by e-mail to hello@motherwood.store or a DM on Instagram or Facebook. I promise we will include them into the development. Depending on the demand and the feasibility, we will produce your ideal breastfeeding clothes.

We are a brand or an influencer/blogger and we would like to collaborate with your brand. How can we get in contact with you?

It is very simple: You can send me an e-mail or a DM via the social media and we get in touch. I am always open and curious about collaboration ideas or partnerships which make us all go in the same direction and live for the same cause.


Any questions or suggestions ? Or just want to write me a sweet note ?
I cannot wait to read you and I try to answer within 24h. :-)